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Dupré is a French name that literally means "from the meadow". Also existing variants are Duprée, DuPree, Deupree, DePrez, Dupres, Duprez, Düpre and Du Preez.




French Canadian[edit]


South African[edit]

French Huguenot families came to South Africa fleeing the persecution in 17th century France caused by the revocation of the Edict of Nantes in 1685. Amongst them was Hercule Des Prez and his family that left for South Africa aboard the ship "Die Schelde" on 19th of February 1688. Through time the surname has changed to "Du Preez". The surname Du Preez is a fairly well known in South Africa and is a typical Afrikaans surname. Well known South Africans with the surname Du Preez are well known rugby personalities Frik du Preez and current Springbok Fourie du Preez.

Fictional characters[edit]

  • Dupre, a character in the Ultima series of computer games


  • Robbie Dupree, American singer best known for his 1980 pop hit "Steal Away"
  • "Dupree's Paradise" is Frank Zappa's song
  • "Mitzi Dupree", a song by British rock band Deep Purple from their album The House of Blue Light
  • Champion Jack Dupree, American musician
  • Cornell Dupree, American guitarist
  • Jacqueline DuPre, English cellist
  • Paul Dupree, American composer of classical music
  • Simon Dupree and the Big Sound English band of the 1960s best known for their psychedelic single Kites.
  • "Cousin Dupree", a song on Steely Dan's 2000 album Two Against Nature
  • "Dupree's Diamond Blues" is a song by The Grateful Dead that tells a crime story. It is based on a real case.